Design’s Process


Clients briefing

  • Location (area in m2 modules) and enclosure localization
  • Products/ideas to be exhibited
  • Design requirements (e.g.: reception, bar, furniture, etc.)
  • Budget

On this stage we should get as much information as possible related to the client’s service: for which market it is thought, which are their objectives and strategies, if they have an active campaign at the very moment of the event, etc.

Internal briefing analysis

  • Response to the expressed and detected needs
  • Definition of a conceptual project design


  • Application of the lines defined previously, attaching creativity to production. Adapt to the clients budget if necessary. (Determine materials, expenses, processes, etc.)
  • Specific graphic elements design
  • 3D developed proposal


  • After we receive the confirmation from our client, the project will be carefully revised so it can be adapted to the production process.


  • The production of every element from the accepted design


  • Display’s pre-mounting in our facilities


  • Display’s mounting in the enclosure


  • Display’s disassembly in the enclosure